A Dog Blog: I’m in Double Figures!

double figures

Hello bookish friends!

It’s me – Briar!

How have you been? How are your dogs and cats and other animals?

Things have been a little bit quiet around here, because a lot of  life has been happening, and so I thought it was time I did my first blog in our new home. And I particularly wanted to do one today because it is a special day.

It’s my tenth birthday! I’m in double figures!

I have had a lovely time. And I had an extra hour, because the clocks went back last night!

I had two presents: a packet of special dog chews, and a blue leopard to join the menagerie that lives in my toy box.

We had a lovely ride in the car, and I stuck my head out of the window so that I could feel the breeze and smell the air.

Then we had a lovely walk out at Praa Sands. We went down to the beach, and I did running and playing and digging. And I met lots of dogs, It was great fun.

We walked back across the dunes, and when we got back to the car I was a very tired dog.

I slept most of the afternoon, but I woke up for supper and my evening walk.

Ten is quite grown up, but it isn’t very old in border terrier years. Jane says that I’m middle-aged, and I say that I’m planning on sticking around for a good long time yet.

I have a house to guard, and humans to look after, and I plan on having lots more adventures.

I’ll be back again soon, to tell you about those adventures,

And Jane will be back even sooner, to talk about books or knitting or something like that.

43 thoughts on “A Dog Blog: I’m in Double Figures!

    1. Dear Woody and Midnight,

      Thank you. I’m a little wary of cats, as I was scratched on the nose by one when I was a little puppy and I was only say hello. But I expect there are nice cats out there, and as you have a very nice human I am sure you are both lovely.

      Love Briar x


  1. Happy birthday, Briar – and what a good one. Mr Morgan the Large Ginger Cat had a VERY exciting weekend with special friends to stay AND a new toy that he went dribbly-mad over, so he spent all of Sunday afternoon and evening asleep in a ball on the sofa.


  2. Happy Woofy Birthday Briar. We have just collected cats Harry and Ginny from the cattery where they went on holiday while we went elsewhere. Harry has finally learned how to miaow properly! Looking forward to lots of cuddles with them.


  3. Happy Birthday, Briar. We are going to have a party for you – with CAKE! There are so many of us that we now have an official birthday to cover us all. It is July 18th and if you would like to come to our next party you would be very welcome.


  4. Deacon sends along Happy Birthday wishes, Briar….but I detected a faint hint of envy down to your great day of frivolity and digging in the sand. Hope you left the sand at the beach and not on mum’s bed!


    1. Dear Darlene,

      Thank you – and thank Deacon. You might want to tell him that we may have sand but we don’t get snow like you do, just nasty wet rain. I don’t think there’s sand in the bed, but there’s quite a bit in the car.

      Love Briar x


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