Cluny Brown – We have a winner!


I am thrilled that so many people are taking the trouble to find a book to read for Margery Sharp Day.

I’m sorry that she is still out of print, that the hunt is difficult, and that not everybody who wants to find a book will succeed.

I dream that one day she will be back in print, that everyone who wants a book will be able to reach out and catch one, and that more people who learn how very well she wrote.

All I can do today is give away one elderly hardback copy of ‘Cluny Brown’.

I wrote names on a bits of paper, I put them all in my new hat (Skelter by Woolly Wormhead), and I drew one out.

I hope that


will love Cluny Brown as much as I did ….

3 thoughts on “Cluny Brown – We have a winner!

  1. Congratulations Mary! And thank you Jane for hosting this event or we would have never known about another great unfortunately out of print author!


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