Sound the Tin Trumpets! Margery Sharp Reissues are Coming!

I cant’s quite believe it, but I can see that it’s true.

Thank you Open Road Media for sending ten lovely books back out into the world.

And thank you again to all of you who came to the parties on Margery Sharp Day – this year and last year – and to all of the other readers who have celebrated her work and raised the question of why on earth such a wonderful writer wasn’t in print.

I’m quite sure that you made a difference.

I see that those books are due to appear on 12th April.

Let’s take a look at them, and, in case you’re wondering why I’m quite so excited, I’ll point you towards the thoughts of some of Margery Sharp’s legion of admirers.


Cluny Brown

An unconventional parlor maid upends the lives of an aristocratic family in New York Times–bestselling author Margery Sharp’s delightful comedy of manners set in England before the onset of World War II

Gabi , Lady Fancifull, and Mary all had words of praise for Cluny.

Something Light

In 1950s London, a career girl decides it’s high time she snared herself a husband, in Margery Sharp’s high-spirited New York Times–bestselling novel

Vicki read this book for Margery Sharp Day last year, and Cynthia read it this year

The Nutmeg Tree

Set in 1930s France, Margery Sharp’s witty, warm-hearted novel tells the story of a free-spirited mother who is reunited with her very proper daughter after sixteen years, when her daughter asks her to inspect her fiancé

Audrey, Helen , Karen and Frances were very taken with this tale.


The Eye of Love

Margery Sharp’s enchanting New York Times–bestselling novel about the profound ways that love can change our view of other people and the world around us

Simon gave us a wonderful account of this book.

Martha in Paris

A young woman sent to Paris to study painting learns lessons about life and love in Margery Sharp’s sparkling novel that features the now-grown-up artistic little girl who first appeared in The Eye of Love

I was very taken with the sequel

Martha, Eric and George

After ten years, a successful painter returns to Paris and the son she left behind on her ex-lover’s doorstep, in Margery Sharp’s sparkling novel that features the artistic heroine of ‘Martha in Paris’.

And Arpita offered her thoughts on the last of the trilogy on Margery Sharp Day this year.


The Flowering Thorn

A Jazz Age socialite impulsively adopts an orphaned boy in this humorous, heartwarming tale from New York Times–bestselling author Margery Sharp

There’s a lovely account of this book (and almost all of the others at The Margery Sharp Blog.

The Gipsy in the Parlour

In Victorian England, a glamorous, mysterious young woman overturns the lives of a traditional Devonshire farm family, in Margery Sharp’s humorous, heartwarming New York Times–bestselling novel

I was delighted that Cirtnecce found a copy of this book, and that she loved it as much as I did.

The Innocents

Margery Sharp’s most poignant novel, set during World War II and filled with her trademark wit and warmth, tells the story of the powerful bond forged between a British spinster and the unusual little girl left in her care

Barb thought the world of this book, and so did I.

Britannia Mews

Britannia Mews

With heartfelt drama, wit, and brilliant historical detail, this masterfully told family saga spans the Victorian era and World War II and features an unpredictable and passionate heroine who defies the English class system

Ali , Sarah  and Anbolyn all had words of praise for this story

* * * * * * * *

I hope that it won’t be too long until we gave paper books as well as ebooks.

And I hope that we’ll see more of Margery Sharp’s books being revived. There’s ‘Fanfare for Tin Trumpets’, ‘Lise Lillywhite’, ‘The Stone of Chastity’, and many others, including, of course, the oh so elusive ‘Rhododendron Pie’.

This isn’t the end – but it is a wonderful beginning!

38 thoughts on “Sound the Tin Trumpets! Margery Sharp Reissues are Coming!

    1. They do look glad. I’ve glad that Margery has a publisher who has given proper covers to all the books they’ve reissued – some seem to do just one or two – and has covers that actually reflect what the books are about.


  1. How fabulous! I’ve been keeping my eyes out for Margary Sharp novels on my book trawls, but with those wonderful covers I’ll definitely be snapping up a few new ones. Shallow – moi? 😉


  2. What great news Jane – and I’m sure some of the credit must go to you for flying the Sharp flag! the covers are gorgeous!


  3. Well, well done Jane!! You have been passionate and tireless in introducing Margery to those of us unaware of her. Well done Open Road Media, indeed, but, and, I do think that it is the dedicated champions like you who kept the buzz going and growing. Hopefully next year’s Margery day will yield a great choice of available titles!


    1. I’ve loved doing what I could to raise Margery’s profile, and I’ve discovered that there are a great many readers out there, quietly appreciating her work. There will be more choice of books for her next birthday, and I’m hoping that if this first wave of titles does well a second wave won’t be too far behind.

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  4. This IS wonderful news! All I could have wished for was that Lise L. was in this first group… but I’ll wait patiently while I enjoy these. I think they heard you!!!


  5. I was delighted with this news until I realised that they are not going to be available in paper copies. Such nice covers too! I have no interest in digital books, so do hope print copies will soon be available.


    1. I’d love to have paper books too, but having so many titles readily available is such big step forward, and I hope that if they are a success and show that there is a market out there for Margery Sharp’s work they will appear in traditional book form before too long.


  6. I’m excited! I’ve been wanting to read some of her adult fiction, but her books are really hard to find. But now that they’re re-issuing them…I can’t wait to try them all! 🙂


  7. So exciting! I will definitely snap up the trilogy as I hear so many good things about that. And let’s just hope they see a market for paper versions, too, as I’ve been unluckly in my searches so far. Hooray!!!


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