A New A to Z for a New Month

A is for ALEXANDRE DUMAS. I have ‘The Black Tulip’ lines up to fill the 1850 slot in my 100 Years of Books project.

B is for BLANKET. Briar usually takes a while to get used to knew things, but she sat on the new blanket I bought for her visits to my mother’s nursing home room the first time I laid it out.

C is for CELEBRATION. I’m delighted that Lory will be hosting another celebration of Elizabeth Goudge’s birthday on 24th April.

D is for DARE. I made it to the end of the TBR Dare for the very first time!

E is for ELIZABETH VON ARNIM. Author of the Month for April in the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics Group.

F is for FOUR BAGS left the house last time we did a charity shop drop.

G is for GREEN PENGUINS. I picked up eight books, including titles by Anthony Berkeley, Mary Fitt and Elspeth Huxley, in my local second-hand bookshop. Someone with very similar taste to me – and I think I know who – has been thinning out their shelves.

H is for HAIR. It’s that time of  year when we start thinning out Briar’s winter coat, putting the hair out in the garden, and then watching birds fly off with their beaks full.

I is for IN PROGRESS. My easy knitting project and my more complex knitting project are both close to completion, so expect a knitting post or two very soon.

J is for JUNE. Margaret Kennedy Day will be happening again on June 20th. More details will be coming soon.

K is for KAFFE FASSETT. I love the pattern on the cover of the new edition of Vogue Knitting, but with Felted Tweed held double it would be quite an investment.

L is for LYMOND. I’m smitten, I was tempted to pick up ‘Queen’s Play as soon as I put ‘The Game of Kings’ down, but I decided I shouldn’t rush and that I really should write about one book before I start the next one.

M is for MARGARET LAURENCE. Author of the Month for June in the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics Group.

N is for THE 1951 CLUB. I have books by Margery Sharp and Howard Spring lined up.

O is for OXFORD WORLD CLASSICS. The new editions are lovely, but at the moment I am smitten with older editions that I picked up in a charity shop a week or so ago.

P is for PUZZLED. We ordered Briar some steps, to help her get into her chair now she’s getting a little older. When they arrived we couldn’t work out how the pieces could fit together. When I rechecked the packaging I found some brief instructions and realised that we had been sent a dog gate instead of steps.

Q is for QUIET – but not as quiet as it usually is this time of year, as we have major building works two houses away.

R is for READING LIBARY BOOKS AGAIN now that the TBR Dare is over is a lovely prospect, but I’m going to be very selective now that I’ve been reminded how many wonderful books I have in the house already.

S is for SPIN. The Classics Club Spin gave me ‘The Beth Book’ by Sarah Grand. I’m not thrilled but it is a book I want to read and an author I’d like to get to know.

T is for TINDERSTICKS. I hadn’t listened to them for years but when I heard The Waiting Room I was smitten.

U is for UP IN THE ATTIC is where I have to go to do some clearing out now that spring is here.

V is for VISSER. I love this design, and I hope it won’t be too long before I can start to knit.

W is for WILLA CATHER. Author of the Month for May in the LibraryThing Virago Modern Classics Group.

X is for (E)XHIBITION. A Casket of Pearls is going to be hard to follow, but a summer exhibition of works by Stanhope Forbes at Penlee House is very enticing.

Y is for YIN YANG DANCE. Here is a knitting pattern with a fascinating construction. You begin with an i-cord loop and knit outwards …

Z is for ZZZZZZZZZZ. Border terriers are very good sleepers ….


11 thoughts on “A New A to Z for a New Month

  1. I’m so pleased to hear you’re smitten with Lymond – and envious that you still have the other five books to read for the first time. The Black Tulip is another book I loved, so I hope you enjoy that one too!


  2. Jane, such a lovely list! I am thrilled to see Lymond there. I did rush onto the next book after Game of Kings, and I didn’t stop until I got to the end of the series. There were a lot of very late nights reading. And then I had to go back and read everything again, because I missed so much in my rush to discover what happened next.

    Congratulations on completing the Dare! I was always happy to see April 1st, so I could get back to the library.

    I still have a couple of Margaret Kennedy books on the TBR shelves. Hopefully I can join in June.


  3. Another friend recommended Dorothy Dunnett to me ages ago and I still haven’t followed up on that recommendation. What a lovely A-Z. I hope Briar gets her steps soon. Thank you for all the lovely links. I look forward to seeing the knitting posts.


  4. I love Willa Cather and I have been desperately trying to get a copy of A Game of Kings since I saw you reading it! Let me know how was The Black Tupli…I have a copy lying in my never ending books to read soon pile! Happy Reading!


  5. I’m hoping Brian is your dog? Oh, I’ve just double checked and it’s Briar – less likely to be your husband then as I feared! 😉 I do love your lists, Jane. I’m intrigued my the knitting pattern – knitting outwards from an i-cord loop, you say? I must investigate further. Also, it’s been years since I listened to the Tindersticks – you’ve inspired me to dig some out, which will be a lovely walk down memory lane. Thank you! 🙂


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