Building a Name out of Books

I never could resist an invitation to look through books to create something I would never have thought of myself.

This particular invitation came from Lynne at Fictionophile  and I found it thanks to Sandra @ A Corner of Cornwall.

“Spell your blog’s name from books on your shelves!”

With lots of books on the shelves and a reasonable short name I thought I can do it and I did. I found books that I loved for every letter.

It was only then that I read the small print, and realised that I should have been looking at books that I hadn’t read.

Maybe I’ll do that one day, but right now I rather like my name in books that I have loved and am happy to recommend.





10 thoughts on “Building a Name out of Books

  1. Whispers: I prefer your version, Jane! TBR books MIGHT just mean books bought which the buyer got less and less interested in because other reviewers were damning them!

    I’m much more interested in books trusted-by-me reviewers have given their love to!

    Your blog name looks lovely spelled out with warm recommendations

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  2. Jane, what wonderful choices. Every book has such a beautiful cover and there are so many there that I want to read. (Thankfully already on my list for the most part.) I think memes should evolve. I have the i-spy meme waiting in the wings and I know I’ve tweaked that a bit. Anything that allows us to drool over books must be good!


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