There has been Reading – There has been Shopping – There has been Knitting

August and September have come and gone, and I haven’t been here nearly as much as I would like to be.

I’ve just had a couple of months when life just kept happening,  when I had precious little free time, and when I did I was drawn more to knitting and music that to reading.

I thought I might have drifted out of the way of doing this.

Reverie – Janos Laszlo Aldor

It seems that I haven’t, and, though I’ve had more days when I didn’t read than I have in a long time, when I look back I find that I have read more than I thought.

Four novels by favourite 20th Century Women

No Signposts in the Sea by Vita Sackville-West
Touch and Go by Patricia Wentworth
The Way Things Are by E M Delafield
The Peacock Spring by Rumer Godden

* * * * *

Two Memoirs

Afloat by Danie Couchman
More Was Lost by Eleanor Perényi

* * * * *

Two Books with a Touch of the Fantastical

Platform Seven by Louise Doughty
The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alex E Harrow

* * * * *

Two Historical Novels

The Irish Princess by Elizabeth Chadwick
Checkmate by Dorothy Dunnett

* * * * *

One Woman in Translation

Alberta and Jacob by Cora Sandel

* * * * *

One Huge Classic

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

* * * * *

There is not a book there that I wouldn’t recommend; though I wouldn’t recommend every book to every reader.

* * * * * * * * *

There is rarely a month when I don’t buy a book – or two or three – but a small windfall allowed me to do some serious book shopping a few weeks ago.

I hadn’t bought a Persephone book for quite some time, and so I ordered:

The Call by Edith Ayrton Zangwill – because I read a library copy and I really didn’t want to give it back.

National Provincial by Lettice Cooper – because I have loved her other books and this one sounds even better.

Despised and Rejected by Rose Allatini – because this was the one of the others on my wishlist that called loudest.

Then there was the edition of The Duke’s Children by Anthony Trollope that returned to Trollope’s original manuscript after he had reluctantly made cuts at his publisher’s behest.

I picked up Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield, because I had read a digital copy and I knew that it was a book I wanted to have on a shelf

I had meant to wait patiently in the library queue for The Dutch House by Ann Patchett, but it looked beautiful, I loved her last book, and I couldn’t resist pre-ordering a copy.

Some may think me extravagant, but my feeling is that I have invested wisely in my personal library.

* * * * * * * * * *

I haven’t written about knitting for a long time, but I shall very soon. These are three sweaters with interesting constructions that I will endeavor to write more about very soon.

I have also picked up another project that I put down a couple of years ago. This time last month there was a front and a third of a back, and now there is a complete body, one sleeve and the beginning of a second sleeve. I must finish that, I must finish the sleeves of a sweater in progress for the man of the house, because all of that is quite basic knitting and I am eager to make something a little more interesting.

* * * * * * * * *

I have plans for this month, I hope that life will settle down, but I don’t want to say more than that, because I suspect that might tempt fate ….

10 thoughts on “There has been Reading – There has been Shopping – There has been Knitting

  1. Life didn’t leave me with much time for reading earlier in the summer either, although things are back to normal now. It looks as though you’ve still managed to read quite a lot, especially as some of those books are long ones! I hope things settle down for you soon.


  2. Your knitting projects look tantalisingly gorgeous, and I am looking forward to more info when you have time. And the Setterfield really must have been very good for you to buy a second copy. Isn’t it lovely when one stumbles across a new treasure like that.


  3. What a terrific list of reads! I have ended up reading quite a few, but as always my ambition has been greater than my achievement. Having finished my MA course – hurrah – I am hoping to read a lot in the weeks to come. Happy reading and knitting. Have you seen Esther Rutter’s “The Golden Fleece” about the history of knitting in Britain?


  4. Sometimes life events just take over leaving us little time to relax and recharge. It sounds as if you’ve used your free time wisely, devoting it to meditative activities alongside a spot of reading here and there.

    I loved Perenyi’s memoir, such a fascinating, beautifully written book. How brave she was to travel to an entirely new country with little understanding of the culture, language or running of the estate…and yet she took to it all like a duck to water.


  5. I have had a quiet few months reading wise too. I think sometimes we need to take a break from such things and we know it will always be there to welcome us back. I just happen to have bought that Vita Sackville West title to add to my Green VMC collection so I’ll have to get to it soon.


  6. That’s lovely and considered book-buying, mulled over and savoured – that and nipping into a charity shop and coming out with a gem are the two kinds of book-buying I’ve been doing this week! I’m spending a book token and a ‘book token’ (a note slipped inside a book gift by a friend who knows of my proclivities) in the Edge of the World bookshop today, and have been having fun mulling over what to buy. Book haul post to come when I’m home. Love the look of that knitting and hoping for a lovely autumn of reading for you.


  7. My library was able to find a copy of Perenyi’s memoir through inter-library loan. I’m very much looking forward to reading it. And I am on the waiting list for The Ten Thousand Doors of January!


  8. I got National Provincial in my recent Persephone order, because The New House is excellent, and I’d heard such good things about this one! .Your knitting looks amazing by the way – hope you’r going to show us the completed garments!


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